Friday, April 15, 2011

A Day for Celebration and Silent Appreciation

Celebrating Earth Day is celebrating the planet that provides much to sustain us. In honoring the earth, we are honoring the physical and spiritual embodiment of life as we know it. The earth is a vast living structure that feeds us, provides the materials to clothe and shelter us, and offers us peace and serenity in its natural settings.

My husband and I have spent many an Earth Day volunteering or attending events. I think this year we will find some time during the day to spend it not doing or going but staying home and being with nature--attempting to truly offer appreciation in spirit. We try to honor the earth in our everyday actions and commitments, but rarely do we sit down, take in the scents and the view of our garden and nearby forest, and relish the gift of living on this planet. I believe that will be our gift this year--silent appreciation.

 Some ideas for celebrating Earth Day 2011:

- Take the kids out for a neighborhood cleanup.

- Plant a tree, a garden, or anything.

- Walk to work or to the train station or to the store one day.

- Hold a scavenger hunt to find green living items, such as cloth bags, a bicycle, a compost pile, etc.

- Help a senior citizen build a garden.

- Bike to work or to the store one day.

- Develop an Earth Day celebration in your neighborhood.

- Commute to work one day instead of driving.

Here are some other ways to celebrate or contribute:

The Earth Day Network has organized a project, Billion Acts of Green, where you can pledge an act of green. They are keeping count and as of this post have over 80 million pledges.

The Eco-Libris blog has begun a project, 41 Reasons to Plant a Tree for Your Book.

Disneynature releases their new movie, African Cats, on Earth Day, April 22, 2011. Buy a ticket for opening week and proceeds go towards saving the Savanna.

Picnic for the Planet is a celebration of the planet, its food, and its people. The Nature Conservancy is sponsoring this event to celebrate Earth Day 2011.

In Washington D.C., Earth Day on the National Mall will be held on April 16 and April 17, and an Earth Day celebration will be held at the National Zoo.

The Earth Day New York organization is hosting multiple events throughout the city to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day San Francisco is hosting an Earth Day celebration with various speakers and entertainers and exhibits.

Earth Day Atlanta is hosting a 5K Green Dash as well as other events.

Earth Day in Boston, Massachusetts will be celebrated with a Charles River cleanup, special events at The Children's Museum, and concerts.

Earth Day Canada is hosting various programs and has a list of events for each province.

Check for Earth Day Events in your area.

Earth Day Facts

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  1. I forgot about Earth Day until I read your post. How appropriate that I've been planning to plant some drought-tolerant blue fescue in the garden later today!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. What a beautiful photo of the nasturtium leaf! Reminds me I have to plant those very soon. . .

  3. Thanks for visiting and leaving your nice note! I'm glad to meet you across the miles and love your thoutful post on Earth Day. I'll be sure to visit again.

  4. Silent appreciation of all that the Earth gives us is a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2011. Frankly, I am not worried about the Earth but about our survival on it. The Earth will do fine without us!

  5. Hi Cindy. You must have known intuitively that Earth Day was coming up. :)

  6. Kate, thanks for stopping by. I love nasturtiums...pretty and functional.

  7. Hi Jodi! Thank you for visiting. I find your blog very interesting and enjoyable.

  8. Carolyn, you make a great point. The Earth seems to be far more resilient than we are.

  9. All good ideas. Thank you for visiting me and leaving your recent comment. We used to also celebrate Arbor Day at school. Both Very Good ways to teach children about being good stewards. :-)

  10. Hard to beat silent contemplation to remind oneself why the Earth and how we treat it matters. Earth Day seems to be a lot bigger in the US than over here - wonder why.

  11. Thanks for visiting, Shady Gardener. Arbor Day is another great excuse to celebrate the earth and all its bounty. How nice that you celebrated it in school.

  12. Hi Janet. I am not sure why it seems to be somewhat bigger here than in the UK. That is something to ponder...

  13. Wonderful tribute to Earth Day. This year I have it off so I can spend the day with nature....

  14. Donna, that is nice that you have the day off on Earth Day. I hope you have nice weather on that day.

  15. These are great Earth Day suggestions!

    I love that recycled soda bottle greenhouse by the way. Amazing. Maybe someone could build one of those to celebrate Earth Day.

  16. Such gorgeous pictures. Love the bottle greenhouse in your last post too.

  17. I liked what you said about taking time to stay close to home and appreciate nature and your garden. That has been a special effort of mine in the past year - to observe and appreciate the garden as it is. To sink into it, and realize that everything as it is is beautiful in its own way. NOT to look at it and jump up and begin weeding - or planning how the addition of more plants would improve it.

  18. @Wendy
    Thanks, Wendy, for stopping by. I am so glad you enjoyed reading these ideas. I hope to one day build that seems like fun.

  19. @Sheila
    Hi Sheila. I know how difficult it can be to simply relax, cherish, and enjoy nature and the garden. I, too, suffer from that affliction of seeing what needs to be done and jumping up to improve it. Like you, I want to find the joy in accepting it all as it is because it is lovely in all its forms.

  20. @Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock

    Thank you, Mrs. Bok, for stopping by. I am so glad you enjoyed it.


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