Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogger Shout-out

I recently joined a blog directory, Blotanical, that is chock-full of wonderful bloggers. Besides being a great community of fellow gardeners and nature lovers, they are knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge as well as some of their experiments and adventures. Many are writing some great posts that are informative and helpful. Here are a few that you just might find very interesting:

Asea Aranion:Healing and Death - Worm Bin Experimentation

Some unique ideas for a worm bin -

Bread + Buttercups - Organic Gardening Essentials

Some key points for organic gardening -

Earth to Eats - Natural Easter Egg Dye and Our Secret Weapon

Did you know you can use onion skins to dye Easter eggs?

Fairy Yardmother - DIY Bird Bath

Make a piece of art by reusing old things. Beautiful!

Fluffius Muppetus - Composting Cardboard

Using a cardboard box as a compost bin--temporarily...

Hardy Eco Garden - Frugal Season Extenders

Using things from around the house to keep plants warm -

The Heirloom Seeds Blog - Compost - Nourishing Your Garden Soil

Some great tips for using compost -

Kitchen Garden FAQ's - Intercropping

Great info on companion planting -

Life in Sugar Hollow - Houseplants: Quiet Air Filters

Using plants to purify the air -

Life on the Balcony - How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden


North Country Gardening - Plant a Garden to Offset Price Hikes at the Grocery Store

Enough said!

Sussex Gardens - Free Plant Labels

Great way to reuse -

Sweet Bean Gardening - Free Soil Composition Test

So easy to do yourself -

Thanks for Today - What is Manure Tea?

And it does not have to smell or be messy.

©Michelle A. Potter


  1. Thank you for the link-up on my post. If you don't mind, I'll like to link your blog up so I can read it frequently too.


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  3. What a great list of links! :) Take care and keep writing! I love blotanical as well.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    There are so many blogs out there was great info...thank you for adding mine here! I was posting about Annie Haven's tea because she has donated some to my Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project. I had a good first experience with it!

  5. Thanks for posting this great list of blogs! I'm always looking for new insights into the gardening world, so this post is much appreciated!

  6. Thanks, Lorraine. I really like Blotanical...

  7. Thanks, Jan. I have enjoyed reading all the posts for your project...very interesting!

  8. I am so glad you liked the post, Nate. There is such a wealth of info out there...I just had to share!

  9. Oh, nice list! Lots of good stuff to read today. Thanks, Sage Butterfly!


  10. Thanks, Bobbi C. It was hard to not pick more!

  11. What a great idea. There are so many wonderful and interesting blogs on Blotantical it is very easy to miss out on something interesting. Thank you Ronnie

  12. Hi Ronnie. I also enjoy reading the blogs on Blotanical.

  13. Dear S.Butterfly, Welcome to Blotanical. You have included some great links. I hope you enjoy your experience at Blotanical as much as I do. P.x

  14. Thanks, Pam. I am enjoying Blotanical very much.

  15. I love finding new blogs that I have not explored before...can't wait to explore these...

  16. Donna, I hope I can put together a list now and is so nice to see how other people are doing things.

  17. Thanks for the visit! I enjoyed my visit to your blog :-) I like your paper towel challenge idea.

  18. Hello Sage Butterfly - thanks for the list, now I've just got to find the time to read all those wonderful posts!

  19. Hi SB, yes, blotanical is certainly something to shout about, and it is a wonderful and generous idea to link to some of your favourite blogs. cheers, catmint

  20. Thanks for visiting, Dirt on the Soil. I also enjoyed your blog.

  21. Hi gipplandsgardener! There is so much good info out there. I also struggle with trying to find enough time to read them all. Isn't it fun?

  22. Hi catmint! I love supporting other bloggers. We all have so much to offer!

  23. Goodness, you've made a wonderful list of great sites.


  24. Thanks, LKW. I hope I can do this often. There is so much great info out there...and such great bloggers!

  25. Great list! I am really enjoying your blog, I'm so happy to have found it through Blotanical.

  26. Thank you, Julia. I am so glad you like it because I like yours as well!

  27. Nice shots, love the daffodils in the snow.

  28. @Iowa Gardening Woman Thank you...that was taken after a snow dusting at the end of March...a rarity. Thanks for stopping by.


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