Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tips for a Nontoxic Home

Many furnishings, building materials, and home cleaners contain toxic chemicals that seep into our atmosphere and our homes. These chemicals damage our environment and can cause health problems especially to those with weak immune systems. By making a few changes, we can ensure that we are at least reducing those toxins and breathing cleaner air inside our homes.

Here are a few tips to reduce toxins in our homes:

-Avoid carpet floors, if at all possible.  Replace carpet with wood or ceramic tile. If you want to use carpet, there are some environmental carpets available made from recycled food and drink containers or from natural fibers, such as wool or cotton.

-Use plants to purify the indoor air. Spider plant and Aloe Vera plant help to clean indoor air of formaldehyde. Bamboo Palm helps to clean indoor air of benzene.

-Use untreated cotton or flannel sheets. Most sheets are given a resin treatment to resist wrinkling.

-Opt for solid wood furniture. Furniture with adhesives and pressed woods usually contain toxic glues.

-Use natural cleaners, such as homemade cleaners. A vinegar and water solution is perfect for windows and most kitchen countertops.
©Michelle A. Potter


  1. Another green tip for furnishing a home is to utilize used or antique furniture. No new materials are used in these furnishings!

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate your comment about eco-friendly flooring. A lot of people don't realize that in addition to being green, eco-friendly flooring also saves you money by being more energy efficient.


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