Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blending Beauty - Garden Book Review

Many times I buy a book because I yearn to learn more about a specific subject. Other times I buy a book because I am familiar with the author and trust I will be happy with the contents. And there are those times I buy a book for both of those reasons. The book, Fine Foliage, falls into the latter category. I was familiar with Karen Chapman's blog, Le Jardinet Designs, and was always happy to read her posts. She is a very enthusiastic horticulturist who has a passion for container gardening. On her blog, she discusses so many interesting ways to combine plants in containers and in the garden.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Lessons of Winter

Winter has been one of the seasons with which I have had the most struggle. Because I have always found the outdoors a place where I spend so much time, almost as another room in my home, having a season where I was disconnected from that place, from that room, has always been difficult. Of course, the weather has never been so cold that I could not spend time outdoors, but the weather is cold enough that one cannot spend time outdoors for very long. And there is not much to do in the garden with all of the garden dwellers taking their winter nap--resting for that graceful emergence in spring. Things always appear so dull and lifeless. And the only time I could see the beauty of the winter landscape was when the snow covered everything in its sparkling and magical coat. In my neck of the woods, the snow does not appear often nor remain for very long. So, I would spend much of my winter indoors separated from the room which I love so dearly and long for so much.

Beth of Plant Postings hosts Lessons Learned for all the seasons, and so I offer some lessons learned about winter.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Garden Notebook - March 2013

A Preview of What's to Come in Spring - Pink Rose from Bouquet

This winter has been more of a true winter with cold temperatures that fit with a normal winter for our region compared to last winter when the daffodils were blooming in January because of the warm temperatures. I love the snow of winter and  yearn for it when it does not come frequently enough, but with daffodils beginning to bloom and signs of growth here and there, I am anxiously awaiting spring.

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