The Sage Butterfly blog is a creative reflection of the beauty and wisdom of nature. A butterfly carries the wisdom of nature through its beauty and transformation and survival, and so I have chosen it as a symbol of nature's unquestionable steadfastness and knowledge. My garden is in the USA in zone 7A.

Below are a few posts that may give you an idea of what to find here:

Six Secrets in My Garden
Breathing Lessons
My Garden Notebook
The Vole in the Garden: Control Methods
Autumn Amble
October's Garden Palette
Sun-dried or Oven-dried Tomatoes
The Walled Garden of Montpelier
How We Built Our Tiered Raised Bed Vegetable Garden on a Slope
Tomato Loves Parsley, Cabbage Loves Mint - All About Companion Planting

About the Author

I am a writer/photographer, Master Gardener, and the author of 150 Things You Can Compost and The Complete SAVing Source Catalog: A Guide to Saving the Earth and Money (out of print). Nature is, for me, a teacher, an inspiration, and a respite. I find myself touched by her on a daily basis.

You can reach me:  sagebutterfly9 (at) gmail.com

To see some of the past posts, visit the blog archives on the right side of the page. If you are looking for a specific category, click on a category in the list at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!
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