Monday, September 15, 2014

The Scattering of Seeds

Throughout the growing season, there is a scattering of seeds from all sorts of plants in the garden. There is a cycle of life that supports a spreading and sharing of more life. Life begets life. Once the echinacea flower has completed its summer display of colorful and exquisite blooms, it forms seeds that, when ready, gently float on a breeze to land in a moist and fertile spot for next year's growth. Although the original plant remains in its spot for many more seasons of beauty, it continues to send out the physical embodiment of small, but powerful, sparks for new life each season. This is the essence of many parts of nature, to expand, to grow, to spread. Life sprouts, life flourishes, life propagates.

Nature has a way of demonstrating to us that it is always good to move and spread from one place to another. Creatively and spiritually, we were meant to grow, to branch out, to learn. On our life paths, we move and grow from one experience to another, taking the lessons with us and expanding out to share and teach and advance one step at a time to a place of wisdom and maturity, to a place of wholeness. Just like the plants of our gardens, we are destined to scatter our seeds over the vast plain of experience.

And so, I have decided to embark on a new path of creativity and wonder that I hope will take me to places that inspire and comfort me through the next phase of my life. The Sage Butterfly has provided me with much joy and a wealth of lessons I take with me as I move forward. My garden will remain a sanctuary that I tend and cherish forever--sharing it with those that wish to take a walk with me in the beauty of all that nature provides either through my written words or through the lens of my camera or through a welcomed visit. Gardening and nature are passions that persist and are a part of my soul. There can be no one who truly knows me without knowing my garden or my love for gardening.

I have so enjoyed sharing my garden with you and reading many of your comments over these past few years. You have encouraged me, supported me and inspired me. I wish you all the best with many new plants and flowers ahead. One thing I love about gardening is it seems to be a lifelong master class of which I am an avid student. So now, I join you in that class and in our gardens, watching and waiting and working in that place we love most. Happy gardening!

I am joining Carol of May Dreams Gardens for one last Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Note: I will leave The Sage Butterfly up for a while, and you can always find me at my web site, For a quick visit, click on the photo below to go to my web site.

My best wishes go out to you and yours....

© copyright 2014 Michelle A. Potter
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