Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waiting for Blooms and Fruit - Hope Grows Day

It is spring and so much is happening in the garden. Therefore, I am veering a bit off topic this week and participating in some garden blogger memes.

Sweet Bean Gardening is hosting Hope Grows Day. Here are the blooms I look forward to seeing next month:

This is a climbing rose ready to bloom at any moment. I believe this is the variety, Blaze.

This is my largest Peony. I am looking forward to those gorgeous pink blooms.

Yarrow...I think this one blooms in a bright yellow. I have some other varieties that bloom in pink and red.



Some tomatoes are budding, some are blooming. I hope to have tomato fruit very soon. I have planted Roma, Big Boy, and some cherry tomatoes.

I have planted bush beans and pole beans. The netting is to protect against rabbits which have had a feast on my beans in previous years.

I have planted green bell peppers and Thai chile peppers.

I am looking forward to seeing this Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Alice, bloom.

This Red Twig Dogwood always has very showy blooms.

What blooms or fruit do you look forward to seeing in your garden?
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  1. Look how lush your garden is and all those buds...I am just trying to get to lush greenery here...I have the yellow yarrow with the silvery leaves and just love it

  2. You have a lot to look forward to this month! I keep hearing the praises sung for oakleaf hydrangea...may have to consider getting one. And peonies...oh happy of my favorites. :)

  3. Looks like everything is just about ready to bloom - it should be gorgeous! Looks like you garden is going to be very beautiful and lush.

  4. @Donna I love yarrow, too. It never fails to delight...and it spreads and spreads.

  5. Tomatoes and peppers outside?! You must live in warmer climes than me. I tried sweetcorn outside since we moved south. Most years it's warm enough but last year disaster. We've got so used to warmer weather due (I'm sure to climate change) that we forget some plants really shouldn't grow here in east of Scotland.

  6. @Hanni That is my only Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I saw some at a historic home garden, and I fell in love with it. I will probably get more...if I can find spots for them. :)

  7. @HolleyGarden I hope so! So far, things are looking good. And this year for the first year in a vole damage. I must have won the battle this year. :)

  8. You really have a lot to look forward to in your garden. It all loooks so full of promise.

  9. @Janet Our last frost date is April 15 for our area, but we have had frosts in May. I just put them in the ground a week ago. When it is too cold, I use the walls of water that helps keep them warm.

  10. Your garden looks similar to mine, in the same stage of growth. Looks great.

  11. It all looks so lush, its just lovely! I can never get coreopsis to grow in my garden. A friend of mine just chops his up and replants it. Mine lasts feebly one year never to be seen again.

    Lovely garden. Ronnie

  12. Your garden looks amazing now, I can't imagine how beautiful it will be in full bloom! Thanks so much for visiting me!

  13. @ronniejt28 Coreopsis is so easy to grow here...does not require much tending. Thank you for stopping by.

  14. @Cindy I am also looking forward to all those blooms. It is so rewarding to see my hard work pay off. Thanks for visiting.

  15. oh my heavens...that blue orchid...swoon!

    I can't wait until my roses are in lush bloom like yours! ...and that clematis is GORgeous!

  16. @allenaim photography and design That blue orchid got me, too...that is why I bought it. I am an amateur orchid gardener, so I hope I can keep it healthy. Thank you for stopping by.


'I see trees of green, red roses, too
I see 'em bloom for me and for you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world'
--What a Wonderful World

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