Sunday, June 5, 2011

Awaiting Summer's Display - Hope Grows Day - June

Last month, I was very excited to see things grow and bloom because it was the start of those first blooms after the spring bulbs. This month, there is excitement to see more and more blooms--to have that spring to summer garden that has been so missed.

It is Hope Grows Day Sweet Bean Gardening sponsored by Sweet Bean Gardening on the 5th of every month.

Last month, these climbing roses were just waiting to show their display.

Climbing Rose, Blaze
The peonies showed off their blooms. These are only a few years old, and it is interesting to see how many more blooms show up each spring.

Double Peony
This yarrow needed a larger space to spread, so I moved it before it bloomed. I am glad it tolerated it well.

Alpine Yarrow

Other plants are blooming...



And we have the first tomato in the vegetable garden.
Tomato - Early Girl

We have blooms on the beans.

Bush Bean - Tendergreen Improved
Bean Vegetable Bed

Slugs have been nibbling on my peppers, but I think I have finally gotten them under control with some beer traps.

Bonnie Bell Hybrid Pepper
This Oak Leaf hydrangea was about a foot tall a couple of years ago. Now, it is about four feet tall.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea - Alice
The butterflies love the blooms on the Red Twig Dogwoods.

Red Twig Dogwood

Here are the blooms I am looking forward to next time...

Painted Daisy

Bee Balm

Common Orange Daylily

Easter Lily

Stella D'oro Daylily
Hydrangea - Limelight

Shasta Daisy

Hydrangea - Nikko Blue

Echinacea - Kim's Knee High

Buddleia - Pink Delight

Cucumber - Burpless Hybrid
What blooms or fruits are you looking forward to?
©Michelle A. Potter


  1. Isn't summer great - when everything starts blooming? Your roses and peonies are gorgeous. And everything else is so full of promise. How exciting!

  2. Looks like summer has arrived in your garden, so much to see. As Hope Grows, so grows the garden and the gardener.

  3. Oooh, you have a lot to look forward to this month! I almost don't know what to comment on, there is so much good stuff. :)

    You'll have to enlighten me on beer traps for slugs. I'm not sure I have slugs, but something has been taking a few bites out of my peppers.

    Your blaze rose is gorgeous!

  4. It all looks so lovely, like looking through a sweetshop window. What a wonderful variety of beautiful plants you have.

  5. wow what a lovely lot of blooms I like the yarrow very much, lots to look forward to as well, your veg beds look very productive I've never really bothered with veg but after trying a few things last year I am becoming more interested, what am I looking forward to in June some summer weather and no gales! just to give my poor plants a chance, Frances

  6. With so many lovely blooms, I guess summer has arrived. I love seeing the peonies in your garden. In my own garden, I am looking forward for the first bloom of my coral vine. It is suppose to attract the butterflies.

  7. So many beautiful blooms! I love your garden - or, at least, what I've seen so far:) I've always wanted an oak leaf hydrangea, but have never seen on in a nursery. Now that I'm in an apartment, I wonder... will they grow in pots? I look forward to following your blog! :) Summer

  8. I am hoping for some of my flowers to catch up to yours...lovely....mine are weed infested so they don't look nearly as good as yours right now...I need to stop working my day job...oh another hope...well that one has to wait a few years...I'm posting Monday all my hopes...

  9. Boy have you got a lot of hope blooming. Way ahead of here. I was proud that my tomatoes got flowers and yours are fruiting. Slugs ate my little cucumbers in one night. Next morning not even a stump. Still hoping though and the peppers are slug free so far. Really nice and health flowers and veggies you got there.

  10. I am in constant admiration and awe of your garden, your plants, and your skill with them.


  11. @HolleyGarden Summer is great when there is that anticipation of all those lovely blooms. As things become more established, they become to watch.

  12. @Nell Jean I like how you put that because we, as gardeners, are growing as well...

  13. @Hanni Thanks, Hanni. With such a strange early spring, I am glad things are taking shape as they should.

    The beer traps for slugs is easy...bury a shallow jar or pie plate in the ground up to the rim. Fill it with beer. The slugs are attracted to it but drown when they get inside.

  14. @ronniejt28 Thank you, Ronnie. I am looking forward to seeing their display...hope it is as nice as the buds.

  15. @Island Threads I agree. At first, I grew yarrow as an herb. However, I have found it such a lovely addition in the perennial beds that I have gotten more of it and planted it all around.

  16. @Autumn Belle Thanks, Autumn Belle. I have not grown coral vine, but it is beautiful. I cannot wait to see yours bloom.

  17. @Summer I finally got my oak leaf hydrangea a few years ago. I believe I have seen them grown in pots on would be worth a try.

  18. You have I have a few Thai chili peppers, but my bell peppers are still budding. That photo made me hungry...

  19. Ugh...that sounds awful! They can be little voracious eaters. I have some nibbling on my moon flower plants as well...better do something about it before they are gone.

  20. @aseaaranion What a lovely compliment...thank you. I would echo that sentiment as I read your plant adventures. Thanks for visiting.

  21. Lovely! You have so many blooms in your garden and yet still so much to look forward to!

  22. It all looks lush and gorgeous. I love that the Stellas make their appearance around this time of year. I have some new daylily cultivars that I'm looking forward to this season (and they're starting to bud!!)

  23. Tomatoes! I'm quite jealous that you have one coming in already. I love seeing these snapshots of your garden!

  24. Lots of great stuff growing there--I'm getting hungry looking at your veggies! Thanks for the reminder about the beer for the slugs. I do that every year, too. But I need to do it now before they get too active!!

  25. Lovely and healthy growths you got there, in a little while butterflies will be roaming around. While they are not yet there you should see my butterflies in my last two posts, haha, inspired by One and Africanaussie. That is if you miss them already!

  26. @Karin / Southern Meadows I have really enjoyed this season of blooms, and I am so looking forward to the next round of flowers. Thanks for stopping by.

  27. @CatsandCatts My other lily varieties have not begun to bud yet, but I like them because they are still blooming once the Stellas start to fade. I look forward to seeing yours...

  28. @Desperate Gardener I noticed there were a few cherry tomatoes coming in as well. Maybe we will have some ripe tomatoes by July 4th...cross my fingers.

  29. @PlantPostings Too bad the lettuces begin to fade as the tomatoes come in.

  30. @Andrea I love butterflies...and I won't pass up an opportunity to see them. Those were nice posts...

  31. I love your garden and the beautiful pictures of it!

  32. Everything looks fabulous! I love painted daisies but it's just too hot/humid here for them. Beautiful garden!

  33. Beautiful post! Your oakleaf hydrangea is stunning. You have so much to look forward to, lucky you! I am looking forward to many of the same (stella d'oro, hydrangeas, painted daisies, shastas, lilies...), but mine are probably a month behind yours. :)

  34. Looks like you have a yard full of color getting ready to pop open in your gardens any day now. And, I'm sure you will take the time to enjoy every single bloom. Ahhh, the wonders of summer growth.

  35. Your blog is so beautiful! I am missing my tulips now that they've bloomed out but the coreopsis will stick around long enough to let the phlox bloom. I wish my roses would do what yours are doing.


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